why COIN2
COIN2 is a fork of Peercoin which uses Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake.
It is intended for use in online video games as well as the bartering of goods and services.
This coin was fully minted within hours of mining the genesis block. 97.5% of the first released coin was distributed (given away) to the first 1000 people with a wallet and a legitimate facebook account created before the coins release. This was done to encourage usage of crypto currency among people without the means or technical knowledge to mine for coins and as an energy efficient and fair method of distribution. COIN2 continues to push the envelope in developing the first online arcade with automated crypto currency purchases and payouts.

Crypto For Indy Games

Coin2 is made to be a universal in game currency that can be bought sold and traded outside of the game world. Coin2 supports indie game development and recommends Construct2 software for easy integration into the C2 Arcade.

Log In, Clean Up, Cash Out

Earn C2 just by playing arcade games. Keep your coins in your Online Wallet or move them to an exchange. From there you can trade them for Bitcoin and cash them out for fiat currency.

Mobile Compatible

The Coin2 Arcade is built around HTML 5 and is mobile browser friendly, so all HTML 5 compatible games are playable on mobile devices. Earn coins while playing games on your iOS, Android, or Windows phone or tablet. All you have to do is sign up for the Online Wallet.

Earn Coin Playing Games

or by Holding in a Wallet

If you don't want to cash out right away, you can earn a stake of the annual coin interest by holding them in your local wallet.

SYMBOL - C2 - 100,000,000 total coins supply
- 5,400,000 coins surplus for game funding
- Hybrid Proof-of Work and Proof-of-Stake DETAILED SPECS - Algo: Scrypt Hybrid PoW-PoS Coin
- 60 sec block time
- diff retarget each block
- 3 transaction confirmations
- 50 minted block confirmations
- PoS block generation after 8 hours of holding
Earn coins just by holding them. Year 1: 30% Year 2: 20%
Year 3:10% Year 4: 05%
Year 5: 02% Year 6: 01%
100% complete
40% complete
100% complete
75% complete
100% complete
80% complete
COIN2 games are found in the arcade

Play the sample games which demonstrate the arcade functionality. Sign up for an online wallet account to be able to buy powerups and win coins for high scores.



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